Conditions of entry

These conditions are aimed to provide a fair and safe competition.  In entering an event, crews are assumed to have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the following conditions:
  1. 1. Subject to at least two entries per category, events will be held for Men, Women and mixed crews of four, at both Beginner and Amateur status.

  2. Beginner Category
    These events are intended for the complete beginner, or at best, the inexperienced. The following will be excluded:
    1. Those who have indulged in recreational rowing of any form.
    2. Winning crews or losing finalists from previous pub or similar regattas.
    3. Entrants who have trained and competed for previous ARA events.
    4. Any member of an ARA affiliated club.

  3. Amateur Category
    These events are open to all crews excluding the following:
    1. Anyone who has achieved a rowing status other than “Novice”, or is currently active at an ARA registered Rowing Club.
    2. Entrants who have trained and competed for previous ARA events.

  4. After assessing the ability of a crew, the Committee reserve the right to move a crew to it’s appropriate class.

  5. At least one coaching session is mandatory for all crews. No crew may attend more than three coaching sessions. For their own safety, crews will not be permitted to race unless they have attended a coaching session.

  6. Details of when and how coaching sessions can be arranged will be provided once a crew has entered and paid. Crews must not turn up for coaching without prior arrangement as this inevitably causes congestion and delays.

  7. Individuals will be permitted to enter in more than one crew (double up). However, those competing at Amateur level can only double up for another Amateur event.

  8. All participants must be 18 or older

  9. All participants must be able to swim at least 25m (i.e. the width of the river)

  10. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw a crew from the competition if they are considered to be a danger to themselves, the equipment or other river users.

  11. Wallingford Rowing Club accepts no responsibility for injury, howsoever caused.

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